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    Suzhou Oushida Hot Melt Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2003, is one of the most well-known in mainland China specializing in hot melt adhesive spraying equipment research, technology development, production, (the main parts of foreign imports) To provide technical advice as one of the science and technology joint ventures. In Hong Kong and throughout the country with branch offices or offices for domestic and foreign customers to provide timely and quality services.
         After years of efforts, has launched a series of high-quality hot melt machine, hot melt glue gun, hot melt hose, hot melt sealing machine, hot melt sealing machine, hot melt adhesive spraying machine, hot melt adhesive spraying equipment The Widely used in hygiene products (diapers, sanitary napkins and other disposable supplies), air filter, non-woven composite, footwear, printing, product assembly, garment, stickers, packaging industry (carton packaging, packets, wine (Trademark paper, label double-sided tape, medical breathable tape), product assembly (household appliances), plastic box, gift box, box, box, box, , Furniture fit, wire and cable) automotive industry (interior seal, lamp manufacturing, windshield assembly) books and other fields of binding industry.
         The company has always been the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation and innovation has a number of mechanical industry automation computer management and other professionals, set many years of practical experience, and improve the quality assurance system throughout the manufacturing, installation, commissioning the whole process to ensure that products of high quality, Excellent performance, product processing equipment, testing facilities, and resolutely put an end to substandard products factory.

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    Address: Suzhou City, the city of Caohu Industrial Park Lake Village Road on the 12th
    Tel: 0512-67599416 Mobile: 13912603808  Contact: Mr.Yu
    Fax: 0512-65564669